Let us wake you up to the adventurous spiritual warrior in you. Journey to Ladakh offers a special adventure retreat in Ladakh with combination of yoga, meditation, mountain biking and horse riding. This tour is designed for the adventurous spiritual warrior, for the avid explorer who seeks to explore the outward ranges, and for the parallel pilgrim who appreciates that going outward might actually be going in.

Wake up to the steaming cup of cleansing herbal tea. Inhale the crisp mountain air and absorb the awesome beauty of the vistas as you step outside your cozy room to join the fellow companions for the morning yoga and meditation. Warm up with sun salutations to the rising sun itself. The dramatic snow capped peaks rise above you as you stretch and breath with the winds; the ground rests steadily under your yoga mat as you greet the day.

Experience the thrill of mountain biking down the 18000 feet or at the shore of the spectacular Pangong lake. Horse ride the nomad way at the Pangong. Enjoy delicately cooked, delicious and nutritious meals at your hotel or at the shore of the lake. Interact with great Tibetan yogis at Khaspang. All in, fun filled-life changing ten days in Ladakh.